Hi. I'm Shuxing Li.

I see video game as friends - friends you can trust.

About Me

I am technical designer and producer who enjoy making my ideas into actual games. Currently I am pursuing my Master of Entertainment Technology degree at the Entertainment Technology Center at CMU. I did my undergrad in CS and Interactive Media and Game Development at WPI. I believe that games are friends that one can put his full trust in, so I intend to make my games focus more on the fun aspect instead of the memorable story aspect. I want my games to make people come back at their feet, even if every day is the worst day of their life.

Résumé E-Mail: shuxingl@andrew.cmu.edu Cell: tel:+1-412-209-9936


Here are some of the projects I've been working on. Most projects are playable. If you don't feel like downloading anything, I also have a video link prepared for you.

Riverbed District (Panacea: the Pan of Acea)

Lead Programmer & Producer: Shuxing Li
Character Artist: 17
Sound Design: Rui Xi

The citizens have been infected with a eerie virus and now they have turned into zombies! Strangely, you are the only person who survived. It's time to save the world - that is, if you are holding anything other than a frying pan...

Watch Map Editor Demo

Groove Sushi House

Lead Programmer & Producer: Shuxing Li
Scenario Writer: Yumeng Zhang
Character Artist: Huanzong Ma
Composer: Matt Pacheco

In a sushi house in the distance future, the master begins his adventure on paying his debt. Unexpected things happened as the last group of customers arrived...

Watch Video
Download the Game

Molten Corps

Network Programmer & Tech-Art: Shuxing Li
3D Modeling: Sheenu You
Sound Design: Tianyi Cao
AR Programmer: Yu Zhu

Reanimate abandoned metal behemoths with augmented reality, in hope for the Carrie Furnace to relive its glory and dark days.

Project Website
Carrie Furnace



Solo Project

A 2D heightmap based lighting system.


Volumetric Lights

Solo Project

Volumetric light volumes in Unity



Solo Project

A bunch of practice in creating cool effects, where I start with not looking at existing examples.


Laser Studio

Solo Project

Laser projector codes for the game Tower Unite. Enjoyed by quite a few players.


Art and Design


Solo Project

Play against your opponent, and claim as many territory as you can by planting down mushrooms, in this competitive puzzle board game that supports up to 4 players!

Tabletop Simulator Steam Workshop

Structures, Freehand

Phantasical Foes

Cyberpunk Freehand

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